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South Creek Clydesdales

South Creek Clydesdales

Fremont, Ohio

About Us

About Us

South Creek Clydesdales is a family-owned and operated horse farm located in the heart of the Fremont countryside. Our mission is to share the majestic Clydesdale horse through family friendly experiences. This includes carriage, sleigh, and trolley rides at special events such as weddings, corporate functions, community events and more! We offer a unique experience for guests of all ages and set the opportunity to safely interact with our beautiful horses and create memories that will last a lifetime.

About the Owners:

Tim and Mary Myers, proud residents of Fremont, Ohio, are the passionate owners of South Creek Clydesdales. With a deep-rooted love for these majestic horses, the Myers have dedicated their lives to the care and preservation of


Tim Myers

Mary Myers

Clydesdales, known for their remarkable strength and grace.  Tim and Mary's commitment to the breed goes beyond care and training; they also actively engage with the community, offering educational programs and horse-related experiences that foster a greater understanding and appreciation for Clydesdales. Their tireless dedication to South Creek Clydesdales has earned them a reputation as stewards of this magnificent breed, and they continue to inspire others with their unwavering passion.

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